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  1. Dealing With Squatters

    Posted on: Category: Landlord News, Squatting, Squatters

    Squatting is when someone deliberately enters property without permission and lives there, or intends to live there. However, anyone who originally enters a property with the permission of the landlord is not a squatter.

  2. Immigration Act 2014

    Posted on: Category: Landlord News, Immigration, Legislation

    As well as being a hot topic in the forthcoming general election, immigration is also an issue that will affect both landlords and letting agents. In future, all private landlords and letting agents will be required to make simple checks on the migration status of new tenants in order to make it more difficult for ...

  3. Universal Credit

    Posted on: Category: Landlord News, Universal Credit, Rent Arrears, Benefits

    Universal Credit will change the way in which landlords deal with tenants in receipt of benefits. Universal Credit is a complete overhaul of the benefits system. Under Universal Credit, six separate benefits will be rolled into one monthly payment.